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On the last 4 days of June in the year 2004 of the Gods from the other side and lower, exalted amounts of Bushmills, smoke and Tecate were sacrificed in ritual offering. 13 incantations were written and actualized.
This is a document of all that transpired.

If you'd like a hardcopy of the disc go to SMALL STONE RECORDS.


released February 1, 2005

Performed & written by BOTTOM.
‘Rainy Day Blues’ written by sina (1989).
Lyrics by sina
BOTTOMusic Publishing 2004
Produced by BOTTOM
Written & Recorded June 26,27,28,29 2004
Recorded at Get Reel. Engineered by Tecate Rob.
Mastered by Gary at HammerMastering.
Artwork by Jon Wiess.
Graphic Design by Mahoko.
Special Thanks 2 St. SiNiCl Women’s Choir, NYPD, NYFD & the construction worker on the corner of Houston & Christie. Thanx 2 everyone. No thanks 2 Billy.



all rights reserved


BOTTOM San Francisco, California

if it aint heavy,
..... it aint shit!

sina: volume.axe.lungs
nate: rumble.growl
kevin: battery

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Track Name: By a Thread
BOTTOM : by a thread

life hangs by a thread & I’m crawling back 2 the beginning. the grass is always greener & i’m not very good @ playing with others. everything i say turns out wrong. i’m not very good @ having fun. i have bad handwriting. i’m a bad drunk & njoy fighting. i’m not good @ being still. i’m a hypochondriac possessing weak will.

i’m living on a mission 2 die, crawl back 2 the beginning. grass is always greener & i 4got 2 stop 2 smell the flowers. i often don’t remember what I promised. i’m bad @ telling jokes. sumtimes I’m not honest. i think it’s funny when bad things happen 2 good people. when I was a little kid, I liked 2 steal. i find it hard 2 see the good things. i’m immature, negative, & generally unpopular.

i’m lacking in compassion & everything it’s all a sham. could u love me this way? could u please before u go away? life hangs by a thread.
Track Name: The Same
BOTTOM : the same

words touching silence R felt long distance like a shot in the dark of a heart. weight up on my shoulders i grow twisted, I grow older. held by vice of crutches, i struggle from yr clutches.

messages of violence delivered long distance like a shot 2 the heart 2 quiet the blame. weight upon yr chest is a denial u tell best. i can’t believe it’s happening, i feel u suffocating.

denial hits your conscious, feel me so far distant. it’ll ring in the dark in the silence of your heart. i shut u out of my brain, i feel u still the same
Track Name: NANA del Rio

u call me a liar & thief. u call me a creep & fiend. funny, u R a lot like me. u R 2 much like me. I want u 2 feel this. I want u 2 feel this way 2.
Track Name: Requiem
BOTTOM : requiem

u should have listened 2 the fools long ago. didn’t want 2, but we told u so…
Track Name: The Traveller
BOTTOM : The traveler

sing a song 4 my next meal, serenades of magic, roads gone. no home, no destination 2 real pretty sure i won’t linger long. i’m a boxer & a lover, pretty sure won’t be another. 4gotten faces that i have seen, watch the moon swallow the sun.

searchin’ dreaming 4 something. all possibilities feel like nothing. folk have permanent fixtures, i have a wallet of estranged pictures. i’m a boxer & a lover. pretty sure won’t be another. rotten memories that have been, watch the moon swallow the sun.

4getting faces I have seen, rotting in memories that have been, sing a song 4 my next meal, grenades of magic they don’t heal. I’m a boxer & a lover. pretty sure there won’t be another searching dreaming 4 something, watchin’ the moon swallow the sun. i’m a tramp, nomad. i’m a traveler all alone. i’m gypsy, rover, vagabond. watchin’ the moon swallow the sun, i’m a gypsy.